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Most desktop browsers have settings that allow you to check or change the language preference settings.These tell the server what language you prefer for pages and resources that it sends you (separately from the language of the browser user interface).Browsers that allow you to change your language preferences will generally allow you to specify a of languages, so that if your first choices are not available you can say what alternative languages to try, and in what order.If your browser is set to request a language for a specific region, such as Canadian French, you should ensure that there is another language tag listed after it with just the vanilla language subtag (ie. You can use the Internationalization Checker to discover the language(s) currently being requested by your browser.Once you have made your selection(s), move or remove languages in the list to establish your preferred order. If you choose a language region combination, Edge will automatically set both a language tag for the language region and a following tag for just the vanilla language in your and add the language or language region choice you want from the list available.Order the resulting list so that it is in descending order of preference. If you choose a language region combination, Chrome will set that option followed by just the vanilla language.

This will cause the server to look for a Swiss French version first, but failing that, look for any French version before going on to German.- this group can download attachments, reputation/posts do not matter. - this group can download attachments, reputation/posts do not matter adds eliminated Inbox capacity increased files manager increased permissions. Sometimes a server may determine which language to send to you in a way that doesn't rely on the Accept-Language information.If none of the languages you request are available, the server should be set up to return a default language choice.Most mainstream browsers allow you to modify the language preferences that your browser sends with the HTTP request.

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